Saturday, July 18, 2009

An old man advice !! نصيحة رجل عجوز

I usually like to ask old people about their experiments in life because surely they will benefit me . so one day I was talking with an old man and as usual I asked him the frequent question : what is the wisdom you got from life after these long elapsed days ? I really was yearning to hear his advice . indeed I was surprised and confused when his advice hit my ear ,he said (the wisdom is wisdom ) . completely , it is a confusing thing how is the wisdom I told him to tell me is wisdom !!!?? undoubtedly he wanted to learn me something virtual
oh I GOT it after thinking I knew that means :

you must be wise !!!!

*you should be quiet when something or someone bothers you . for instance when your wife or husband angers you,you should be wise and leave the home ,take some of drinks or even water and tranquillize yourself instead of insulting her or him .
**you should be calm when someone outdoors annoys you .
***you have to be calm when you have a loss in your business . you should permanently put in mind  it doesn't help to cry over spilled milk .

*****I hope you got the drift ,so now (BE WISE)

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